What is it like to play in Colonial Heights?

Colonial Heights was founded in 2005 by two American sisters, Sarah and Melissa Stegall, who wanted to bring a new and unique experience to the Maryland colony.

The colony’s first team, the Colonial Bears, played in the USFL, which was based in Maryland. 

“When I was young, I played with the Bears and my mom’s family, and then the Bears had a season and went to the World Series,” Sarah Stegart said.

“We wanted to give it a try.” 

In 2018, Sarah, Melissa and their family decided to change their name to Colonial Heights.

The team was renamed the Colonial Bearz, and it was in the fall of 2018 that Sarah Stecall decided to move the team to a new stadium in the Philadelphia area.

“Our plan was to play at Camden Yards, and we had already been told by our owners that we could play at the old Yankee Stadium,” Sarah said. 

Sarah said the move from Camden Yards to Colonial Yards was a decision she was not opposed to.

“If Camden Yards is a place where people go, and I can come and play, that’s what we wanted,” she said.

“We want to bring the history of the Maryland Colony to life.

We want to tell the story of how our families came together, what we went through and how the colony came to be.” 

“We really have a unique opportunity to build on the foundation that we’ve built,” Melissa said.

The Colonial Bears’ first season in the Colonial Heights facility was a hit.

They finished in second place in the Eastern Division and qualified for the Colonial Cup, a regional tournament for Maryland’s Division II teams.

“The team was very successful,” Sarah added.

“It was fun to play and we were very proud of it.

It was a great way to celebrate the team and all the hard work that we had done.”

The team also had a successful home opener, which drew thousands of people to Camden Yards. 

In 2019, Colonial Heights hosted a friendly match against the Atlanta Braves.

Sarah said she’s excited to see the teams come together again. 

After their home opener in 2019, the team had a great year.

They went on to win the US Open Cup and the Division III national championship.

The next year, the club played in their first-ever game at Camden Downs.

The game was played on a sunny Sunday, so there was no rain, but the stadium was packed with fans. 

At this point, the Baltimore Ravens had taken over the Colonial Baseball franchise. 

The Baltimore Orioles and Maryland Football Club had signed a contract in early 2019 to build a new Camden Yards stadium.

Sarah and her team had already secured the rights to use the Camden Yards facility.

The stadium would be constructed in time for the 2020 season, and Sarah and the team were already planning to start playing there in 2021. 

When the stadium opened in 2021, Colonial Bears played their first home game there.

The season opener was a big hit, drawing crowds of thousands to Camden Downs Stadium. 

However, the next year the team didn’t make the playoffs. 

It was a rough time for Colonial Heights, which started to lose fans.

In 2021, Sarah Stevall was laid off, and she found work as a caregiver. 

But that wasn’t the end of the road for Colonial Bears. 

As the team struggled financially, they began to lose players. 

For one, Melissa Stecill had just started her second season.

“My mom was always a huge part of my life, and so was Melissa, so it was really sad,” Sarah recalled.

“I think my dad’s going to have to put a little bit of his heart into the team, because we are going to be losing people on our team.” 

With the financial difficulties, Sarah started to ask her sisters for help.

Sarah’s sister Melissa, who has been a coach for the Maryland Athletics Women’s Basketball team for more than 30 years, started a fundraising campaign to buy food for the team. 

With so many players and fans in need of help, the Stecills began to see more people in need. 

Over the next few years, Sarah had several requests for help from her sisters, including raising money to send a team to the NCAA Tournament.

The Stecalls had a lot of support, but in the end, the requests were too much for them. 

Sara and Melissa started a GoFundMe page to raise money for a trip to the University of Maryland.

They wanted to go to the university and give back to the community. 

There were many challenges, including finding the funds to make it to the event. 

Eventually, they raised $2,500 and were ready to go. 

This is how Colonial Heights did it. 

They took to the field at Camden Coliseum in 2021 for their first game. 

Colonial Heights finished