Colonial Nissan: ‘The only vehicle for me in a country where I’m not allowed to live’

The Japanese automaker is trying to make a name for itself in the Indian market with the arrival of a new model, the Colonial.

It has been designed with a ‘concrete floor’ structure and a “floating platform” for the passengers and crew of the Colonial, which is also expected to be available in India.

It will cost $24,990.

The Colonial will be offered in three configurations: one with the cabin floor folded down, one with a sliding roof and one with an open top.

The cabin floor is expected to have a capacity of 150 litres, with a maximum cargo capacity of 20,000kg.

It is expected that the Colonial will feature a range of technologies including “electronic stability control”, “smart cruise control” and “advanced driver assistance systems”.

The company is also launching a “digital driverless” car, called the Colony.

It is expected, too, to be offered at a later date.

The company said the Colony will be available from August.

On the other hand, the Japanese automakers are also expected, with the introduction of the new Colonial, to introduce an all-electric car, the Akumatsu, later this year.

The Colonial is being built by the Japanese carmaker’s sister company, the Toyota Group, which manufactures cars in India, Japan and South Korea.

It has been a long-running partnership between the two companies.

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