How to stop the US from using the colonial flag to celebrate its own national pride

It’s the year 2047, and the United States has become a global superpower, but the United Nations and other world leaders have expressed concerns that the country’s colonial-era flag could become an icon of the United State’s influence and power.

This is because the flag is symbolic of the U.S.’s colonial-inspired power and influence over its colonized countries, and could eventually be used to promote an anti-American ideology.

The flag has a long and complicated history and has been used as a symbol of many different countries in the world.

In a recent survey, the British think tank Chatham House found that only one in six respondents believed the U,S.

had a legitimate claim to the flag.

This week, however, a group of activists are challenging the validity of the flag’s historical validity, which they say is being eroded by what they call a global effort to reclaim the flag as a national symbol.

The groups claim the U and other nations are using the flag to promote a false anti-colonial and anti-immigrant narrative.

A group of academics and activists has launched a petition to remove the flag from the UN.

In the petition, the activists say the United Kingdom, the United Arab Emirates, and others are using it to promote the false notion that the United Sates flag is a global symbol of colonial oppression.

They are using this to justify why it should not be used as an official symbol, according to the group.

They claim that the flag was used by governments to control the flow of resources, which it has no business owning.

The petition, which has received more than 9,000 signatures, claims that the colonial-flag controversy is the latest example of how the U