How did the United States become the world’s richest nation?

The world’s wealthiest nation has been the world of commerce for almost 150 years.

But it’s the U.S. that is becoming the world capital of the world, the world where billionaires like Warren Buffett are making fortunes.

And, it’s where the U-S-A is now at the peak of its economic power.

The top 10 countries for economic output are: Germany (8th), Canada (7th), the U: United Kingdom (6th), China (5th), India (4th), Brazil (3rd), France (2nd), United States (1st).

In terms of total wealth, the top 10 are the United Kingdom, Canada, Germany, China, India, France and United States.

The richest people in the world are: Warren Buffett, whose net worth is estimated at $90 billion, according to Forbes magazine.

The second richest person in the U .

S. is Bill Gates, who Forbes estimates is worth $66 billion.