When Colonial Inn Goes Out of Business for Good

The Colonial Inn and Beach Colony Resort was an early Colonial vacation destination, with a resort town that boasted a casino, spa, swimming pool, and a restaurant.

The resort was closed for good in 2015, but a handful of Colonial owners are now hoping to reopen it as a hotel and restaurant.

A new group of Colonial Inn owners, called Colonial Van Lines, hopes to open the resort by the end of the year.

The Colonial Van Line is seeking to reopen the resort to tourists by the start of 2018.

The new owners are seeking to open Colonial Inn as a tourist attraction by the middle of 2019.

The owner of the Colonial Inn, John T. Hirsch, is looking to expand the resort into a hotel, with plans to bring in more employees, with some being from the Caribbean.

The former Colonial Inn is now a casino and resort, with the resort being closed until 2019.

Colonial Van lines has a number of other plans in the works, including bringing in more workers, but Hirsch has no timetable for that at this time.

The original Colonial Inn closed in 2013.

It was known as the “Lost Colony” for its lack of a full resort town.

The island of St. Thomas was also a former colony and the island was known for its beaches.

In 1857, it was declared an American territory and is the only one of its kind in the world.

It has been the site of numerous historic buildings.

Colonial Inn has been closed since the resort closed, but it has been in the news before, with an investigation into the Colonial Resort Hotel, the hotel that was the subject of a murder investigation that was later dropped.

In 2017, it also opened a restaurant on the island of La Cumbre.