‘Colony’ restaurant in colonial style homes set to open in Cambridge

A Colonial-style Colonial style home in Cambridge, Massachusetts, will soon be making its way to the dining table.

A new restaurant, Colonial Style, will open in the former Colchester Country Club on the outskirts of Cambridge, and will be owned by two-time Boston Marathon runner Jessica M. D’Angelo, who also owns a home there.

D’Angelo has built a successful restaurant in Boston, but she’s known as the owner of a much bigger empire, with a restaurant empire that spans more than 150 countries, including restaurants in Paris, London, New York and Paris.

She’s a member of the Boston Marathon Team, and last year, the two-hour marathon was the largest event in Boston history.

The Colonial style houses are a collection of three to six bedrooms, four bathrooms, a kitchen, a laundry room, a garage and a swimming pool.

It’s designed to resemble colonial style houses from the time of colonial rule in the United States, according to its website.

The style houses have a wood paneling, a white siding and a white wall, and a fireplace.

Dolan is planning to create the restaurant with her brother-in-law, David Bussard, who is a chef at a New York City restaurant.

She’s not sure if the kitchen will be the same as her brother’s, but said it would be a great place to have a meal, said David Bessard, the founder of the restaurant.

David Dolan and Jessica D’Anastasio, the owners of Colonial Style.

(Courtesy of Jessica D. Dolan)Dolan plans to open the restaurant in April and is also working on an app for customers to try on a menu, according the website.

She said she’s also planning a wine bar, but could not say when.

She also said that the restaurant will be open seven days a week, with dinner starting at 10 p.m. on Fridays.

The restaurant is being built by Boston-based architectural firm M&C Saatchi, and is named for M&M’s founder, M&L Saatchy.

The restaurant will feature Colonial-inspired kitchen designs, including a French inspired one with white walls and wood panelings.

The interior will be similar to the original restaurant in Colchester, Dolan said.

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