The Colonial Manor Massacre: The History of a Man’s Death

Colonial mansions were a common sight in the British Empire during the 16th and 17th centuries.

But as they got older and more populous, some mansions became more than just a place to live.

The Colonial mansion, now in private ownership, is considered one of the most haunted mansions in the world.

The Colonial Manors Massacre Colonial mansor, now owned by a man who has passed away, is haunted by the ghosts of his former owners.

What is the Colonial Manorial Massacre?

The Colonial Mansor Massacre was a notorious and deadly event that took place on the eve of the 1665 Battle of New York.

The event was the result of a duel between Robert Morris, an English soldier, and his cousin John Morris, a Dutchman.

Robert Morris killed his cousin and fled with the remains of the duel.

The Dutchman was captured and hanged for treason, but Morris escaped and went on to murder his cousin’s children.

Why is it haunted?

A man named Thomas Gresham, a farmer in the 1650s, was the first person to die in the Colonial Mansion Massacre.

Thomas was buried in the mansor and his body was found several days later.

A few years later, Thomas Grosham, Thomas’ son, went to the home of the Morris family, who were at the time living in a Colonial mansion in New York City.

While there, he found Thomas’ body, and after a few months, Thomas was dead.

Thomas Grestham was buried at the Mansor, but the family never saw the body.

Who was Thomas Gretham?

Thomas Gretsham, also known as Thomas Gremlins, was a farmer who had died in the Mansur mansor.

He was buried near the mansory in the town of Southampton, New York, but a few years after his death, his remains were discovered at the Colonial mansors mansion in Southampton.

After a lengthy investigation, a coroner determined that Thomas Griesham had been murdered by a young man named John Morris.

When did the Colonial Massacre happen?

The incident occurred in 1665, just months after Robert Morris left England to join the Dutch in the American colonies.

In order to avoid an uprising, Robert Morris decided to move his family to New York and build a plantation in New Jersey.

However, Robert, Thomas, and their children had to move their house to the Colonial mansion.

Thomas and his family lived there for a time before moving to a mansion on the outskirts of Southampton.

Did the Colonial Mansion Massacre happen because of a feud between the two Morris brothers?

Yes, it is believed that the Colonial massacre happened because of Robert Morris’ rivalry with his cousin, John Morris (the second cousin).

After the murder of his cousin Thomas, Robert killed John Morris in retaliation.

However it was never determined who killed Thomas Gritsham.

The Morris brothers’ rivalry led to the death of a young boy named Thomas, who lived at the mansors estate.

Do you know the history behind the Colonial Manor Massacre?

You can find more information about the Colonialmanors Massacre in our website.

How to get there: There is a free tour available at the Mansion and Mansor website.

You can also take a guided tour, which takes you through the mansorial and surrounding areas. 

Is the Colonialmans Mansion haunted?


There is an ongoing investigation into the Colonial and Mansour Massacre.

We are continuing to look for more answers and to try and find the real culprit.

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