Jamestown Colony is in a new space

Colonies, the new space at Jameston, is taking shape.

It will open to the public on Friday, May 19, the school announced on its Facebook page.

The new Jamestoman Center will be an “outdoor learning facility with outdoor classrooms and a pavilion.”

Students will be able to “experience the natural world through an outdoor learning environment” and will be treated to “an array of exhibits that will help prepare them for the natural sciences and physical activity.”

The facility is located on the site of Jamestun Colony, a former colonial settlement and now the home of the U.S. Army.

The colony, which was founded in 1774 and was later renamed Jamestan in 1863, was the largest settlement in the British-owned colony of Jamethon.

The Jamestons are known for their colonial history and many of its landmarks, including the fort, fortifications, and the Jamestans historic cemetery.

The center will also be home to the U-M College of Agriculture and Technology, which has a campus on the property.

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