How to fix racism in Australia’s immigration system

Posted May 09, 2019 15:04:00 Immigration is a contentious issue in Australia, with some people arguing that the country should be more welcoming to refugees than others.

The country’s immigration policies have come under fire recently for not doing enough to deal with the ongoing refugee crisis.

“I’m really worried about how the country’s going to react to these refugees and how many more people are going to come to this country and how the government’s going in,” Professor Tom Waddell, director of the Australian Institute of Migration, told the ABC’s The Agenda.

Professor Waddells view is that the current immigration policies are not working and he wants Australia to have a better way of managing migration.

“I want to see a more sensible immigration system that’s going the right way, and not one that is going the wrong way,” he said.

He says that immigration needs to be focused on those who are in need, rather than those who can afford to come.

The Immigration Minister Scott Morrison has said that the government will introduce a $1.6 billion plan to address the issue.

According to Professor Waddels, the government should focus on those in need and not those who have the ability to afford to go to Australia.

But the proposal will not solve the refugee crisis, Professor Wadell argues.

Instead, it will simply “further inflame” the situation and cause further suffering.

When Professor Wadsom was a student in the 1970s, his family fled Burma after their home was destroyed by the military dictatorship that ruled the country.

As a result, he is not allowed to visit his father in Australia.

Professor Wadsoms family eventually settled in Brisbane, where his mother now works.

I don’t think it’s fair to say that the Government doesn’t want to deal adequately with the refugee issue, Professor Tom says.

What we need to do is get some sense out of this situation, he says.

“We’ve got to stop treating people as though they are people who have to be brought here,” he told the program.

‘A bit of a conundrum’ Professor Tom Wadsam says that the system is broken.

“[Australia] has a system that is very much based on the idea of, ‘What can you do to help a refugee who is in desperate need?’

I think that is a bit of an Orwellian concept,” he explained.

Australia has had to deal more than its fair share with refugees in recent times.

In 2014, the federal government announced that it would resettle 1,300 Syrian refugees, but only two of those have been settled.

That was in response to a surge in the number of Syrian refugees arriving in Australia in recent months.

Since then, the Government has had more than 1,000 Syrian refugees resettled in other countries, including Germany, Canada and New Zealand.

At least 500 of those refugees are now being housed in Sydney.

There is also a backlog of more than 20,000 refugees in immigration detention facilities in Australia currently.

Currently, about 5,000 people are held in immigration detainees centres in Australia with about 3,000 of them being held in Sydney detention centre.

It is not just refugees who are facing the difficulty of managing their asylum claims, Professor Wadasom says.

He says that Australia has a lot of problems with its immigration system and it is hard for those who do not have the resources to make a claim to get through the bureaucracy.

Many asylum seekers in Australia are not given the chance to have their asylum claim heard in person before their claims are rejected.

For those who qualify, a tribunal may order them to appear in person and provide documentation to prove they are not a threat to Australia, Professor John Wadsams wife, Julie, told The Agenda in September.

This would be the first time the Wadsmans have been able to attend the hearing, which she says is an “honourable” decision.

However, Julie says that her husband is “not happy” with the way the system has been handling his case.

She says that she has not been able visit him since he was detained, and he has been unable to speak with his lawyers.

Julie says that they have had to fight to have the case heard in court because it is “absolutely unfair” for him to not have a lawyer present in court.

Dr Wadsomes lawyer, Michael Kehoe, told ABC Radio Melbourne on Tuesday that his client had been granted bail and was “looking forward to returning to Australia” to “continue his education and pursue a career in the medical field”.

He is currently attending a training course in Melbourne and plans to return to Australia to work, he said, before completing his medical degree.


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