Colonial toyota introduces Colonial grill with new features

The Colonial toyotas will be launching in Australia on Tuesday with a new concept, a barbecue grill, to go with its traditional model.

The Colonial grill is the second vehicle in the Colonial theme park line-up, following the arrival of the Colonial BBQ, which was first unveiled at the 2017 International Toy Fair.

The concept has been a huge hit in the park with crowds of over 5,000 people thronging the pavilion on a warm, sunny afternoon in September.

The Colonial BBQ features the same basic design as the Colonial toyos, with the grill serving as a place for guests to share and cook, but it is powered by an electric motor, rather than a gas engine.

In contrast to the Colonial grill, which offers four different cooking styles, the Colonial can be configured to be either a barbecue or barbecue grilling.

The grill will feature four different types of meat, including grilled pork, chicken and beef.

The Colonial will also have two types of barbecue and two types that use an “all-natural” charcoal.

It will be available in two different sizes: the standard size, which can be taken in one or two different seating areas, and the large size, for seating in groups of six or more.

A large version will also be available with a seating capacity of 100 people.

“It’s a really interesting concept,” Colonial chairman and CEO John Hales said.

“I don’t think there’s ever been a vehicle that has a lot of fun to be had, and this is going to be an amazing experience.”

You’re going to get to share with the community and have a really good barbecue, which is what you want to do.

“The Colonial has never had a BBQ grill before, but that’s what we wanted it to be.”

The Colonial toyots, which debuted at the 2016 International Toyfair, are a mix of toy and real-world vehicles.

The toyota-branded Colonial toy, which sells for around $250, has a variety of vehicles including a Jeep Grand Cherokee and a Ford Fusion.

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