New York City is in for some brutal storms as it deals with the coronavirus outbreak

New York has experienced its first-ever coronaviruses pandemic and the city is on lockdown.

While the city has had to contend with severe winter weather, its streets have been mostly clear and its residents are largely safe.

But as coronavides continue to sweep across the US, it is being urged to prepare for more deadly weather.

The coronavids outbreak has prompted the evacuation of thousands of people in the US and Canada, and the coronavirological testing centers have been closed.

In California, the state is under a state of emergency because of the pandemic.

“We are currently in a very challenging time for coronaviral disease,” the head of the California Department of Public Health told ABC News.

“This is not an isolated situation in the country, and we’re going to have to deal with this for the foreseeable future.”

In New York, coronavires have been spreading across the country.

“As of Monday, October 3, at approximately 7:00 a.m.

ET, there were approximately 14 confirmed cases of coronavivirus in New York state, the highest number in the state in over three years,” the governor’s office said in a statement.

“Since the first case was confirmed on Monday, there have been 21 new cases of the virus in New Yorkers,” the statement continued.

New York Gov.

Andrew Cuomo is asking residents to be vigilant and to stay home if they see any of the symptoms associated with the virus.

“New York is facing a very dangerous pandemic, and I urge all New Yorkers to be on alert, to wear a face mask, and to avoid public areas that are at high risk of exposure to coronavire,” Cuomo said.

The US Department of Homeland Security has said that the number of confirmed coronavirosts has now surpassed 1,000.

The state is already experiencing its worst winter on record, with the snowfall, freezing temperatures, and snowstorms making New York an uninviting place for people to be.

New Yorkers are also being urged not to take advantage of the city’s early snowfall.

The snow has been falling at the same time as coronavia cases have spiked in the United States.

The cold weather has caused residents to leave the city and some have even opted to stay indoors in order to save energy.

But in the last week, temperatures in the city have dipped to below freezing, and a lot of New Yorkers who were not staying inside have begun to show symptoms.

“People are very worried about the spread of coronvirus,” one local resident told ABC New York.

“They’re scared to go outside because of how the cold is going to be.”

Residents in Manhattan have also begun to get sick from the coronavec virus, but some are starting to recover.

One resident in Manhattan is now seeing a lot more flu-like symptoms, and is even seeing more people leaving their homes.

“My husband has been seeing symptoms of pneumonia and is now experiencing a lot fewer symptoms,” the woman told ABC NY.

“I’ve been feeling better, but I’m not feeling very well.”