‘I Don’t Want to Get Into a Controversy’ After Accusing Donald Trump of Sexual Assault

When the “I Don�t Want to get into a controversy” line first popped up in the opening montage of “I�m Still Here” during the first two hours of the season premiere, it was one of the first lines that viewers could see in the entire show.

But after an extensive discussion on social media, the line, which was later removed, caused quite a stir.

On Tuesday, the network released a statement in response to the controversy.

In the statement, AMC said, �It�s clear that many people did not agree with the way we presented this clip, which we deeply regret.

We also apologize to anyone offended by the clip, and we appreciate the positive feedback we have received about it.

We want to reiterate that the ‘I don�t want to get in a controversy’ line is intended to be a subtle message, not an explicit one, and as such, we have removed it from the show.

It is a subtle reminder that we do not want to be seen to be condoning sexual assault.

We have taken steps to improve the way this is presented, including removing it from future episodes of the show, and are working with the creators to bring it back as soon as possible.�The clip was first shown during the show�s second season premiere on March 9, but was removed from the network’s website at the end of the month.

At that point, it took a lot of pressure to get the clip reinstated, particularly after the network was inundated with angry emails, social media posts and even death threats from outraged viewers.

The network apologized to those who were offended by it, and said it would be making changes to ensure the line was never used again.

It also acknowledged the need for a more nuanced understanding of sexual assault, saying, �The ‘I do not like to get� line is not meant to be sexual assault and we deeply apologize for any offense that was caused.�

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