When you’re in Colonial Beach, don’t forget to take in the ‘colonies’


(AP) As the sun sets over the Atlantic Ocean, a group of tourists from all over the world is enjoying a relaxing afternoon stroll.

One of the men who had just finished his first day on the beach is wearing a white shirt, a red and black tie and a tan coat.

The shirt says “colonists.”

The man is a small, balding man in his early 60s with short, spiky hair.

He looks like the kind of person who would be a natural fit for the beach at Colonial Beach.

His family, he says, have always been able to afford the trips to Colonial Beach for their family and friends.

They’ve been here since 1894.

The man says the trip to Colonial is something he’d never experienced in his life, ever.

He says the idea of the beach for him is a special place, and it’s something he’s not going to forget.

Colonial Beach is part of the city of Orleans Parish.

It is home to a diverse array of people, ranging from white Americans to black Americans and a few Native Americans.

Colonial is also a popular spot for couples to relax and have a drink in the sun.

A popular destination for locals, it’s also a haven for tourists, many of whom come from as far away as New York City.

The beaches of Colonial Beach are a little different than the rest of Louisiana, according to Mark Kelleher, a sociologist at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette who has studied the island and its residents.

In general, there’s less violence and more harmony.

People seem to enjoy the beach, he said.

The men are all from the Caribbean, and they have their own stories about what they do on the island.

For the first couple of years of his life on the colony, the man’s family owned the place, he told NBC News.

His parents, he adds, were all black.

He recalls that when he was young, he saw his family, and he loved them so much.

He remembers them having their own island.

“I loved my parents and I loved my people, and I wanted to go and see them,” he said, explaining that he wanted to take the family with him.

That’s when his parents would bring the boys to visit his grandparents in the Caribbean.

For Kelleter, that meant he couldn’t stay at home and go out to the beach alone.

He wanted to spend time with the boys.

That became his goal when he returned to Louisiana, where he had gone to college to earn his master’s degree in sociology.

He started his own research project, and found that the Caribbean is home.

“That was a turning point in my life,” he says.

“My whole life, I’ve been looking at things that were different from me.”

When the group of people who went to Colonial to have a relaxing day together went to lunch, they saw a man and his family sitting on the sand.

They noticed he was holding a plastic bag.

The family was holding up a big red bucket filled with water and the Caribbean flag.

The group took off, leaving behind their plastic bucket and their flags.

It was their moment, the group says, to make the trip back to their island.

The Caribbean, says Kellehe, has always been home.

The reason why?

There’s a big, open expanse of ocean in the middle of the United States, and there’s a lot of money to be made from it.

“If you’ve got a lot going on, it seems like a great place to work and live,” he explains.

But the Caribbean islands are often a place where the wealthy can afford to live.

Kellehere says a large portion of the money made from the trips has gone to the owners of the island, which in turn means more money for the island’s residents.

It also means more opportunities for the wealthy to live there.

Colonial’s people say it’s not only about money.

The place also offers opportunities for them to make friends.

“The island has been a place for people to meet and talk and make friends,” says Kallehere.

The people who go to Colonial say that the trip is not just about money but also a chance to get to know each other.

That includes making new friends, and learning about the culture and history of the islands.

“We’re not really talking about a lifestyle or a money grab,” says the man who’s been staying at Colonial for the past three years.

“This is just about being here and enjoying life and living here.”

Colonial is not only home to some of the wealthiest people in the world, but it’s home to the most diverse population in the United State.

It’s also home to people from all around the world.

As the tourist numbers on Colonial grow, so does the need for the people of Louisiana to understand their place on the islands and

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