‘A house without a soul’: Colonial House plans to build a house without any residents

Colonial House is planning to build “a house without walls” without any inhabitants, the architect told Haaretz on Monday.

The building, located in the city of Haifa, will be the first to be constructed by the company.

“It will be a house that will not be inhabited by any residents,” the project manager, Amed Abran, told Haifa’s Haaretz daily newspaper.

Abran said that the project is being done in order to avoid “creating a walled city” in Haifa.

While it is not yet clear whether the building will be built in HaIFA, it is thought that it will be located near the city’s Old City, which is the epicenter of Haaretz’s “Jerusalem of the Jews.”

Abandoning the Old City will mean the construction of the “Jericho,” a five-story building that will include a museum, a school, a library, and a bar, according to Abrans website.

It will also include a new section for a “Jeradoan” community center, he added.

Construction of the Jericho will begin in the coming months, with a final decision expected to be made in the summer.

According to the Jerusalem Post, the building’s designers plan to erect a three-story, six-story and seven-story apartment building that could house around 250 people.

On the other hand, the project plans to construct a “Jurassic-esque” structure, consisting of three “rooms” that will be shared by several families.

“The two-story structures will not belong to a single family but will be divided by a wall and separated by two corridors,” the plan reads.

“The first corridor will be for each family and the second corridor will allow people to leave the building.”

The project is part of the city council’s “Yahudat Ha-Babat” project, which was launched in November and aims to modernize Haifa by increasing housing options for Palestinians and expanding access to the city for non-Israelis.

After construction, the residents will receive a new “Jerazim” (house), with the intention of converting it into a “Pasadena.”

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