Which of these are the most influential cultures?

There are some countries in the world that have had the greatest impact on the way people live today, such as the French colonies, the United Kingdom and the United States.

They have all had major effects on the ways we look at the world.

And some of them were even more important than others.

So which of these cultures, if any, have had a profound impact on human beings?

We’re looking at the influence of France and the colonies in particular, and some of these countries have more influence than others, and there are some that were more influential than others over time.

The most influential French colony is the French Republic, which had the largest impact on French history.

It had the first world war, the first mass immigration, the French Revolution.

In the late 1800s, the country was in a very difficult period of history and the French were still trying to figure out how to manage their way through it.

It was a time of upheaval, and they saw that the French people had a unique way of coping with change.

And the French came up with a plan to turn the French into a more modern nation.

That plan was called the French Constitution, which created a federal government and established a Constitution.

So the French didn’t really want to be a nation of peasants.

They wanted to be the most modern, sophisticated, prosperous, well-educated, powerful nation on the planet.

And it’s a lot to take in, especially if you were a French Catholic at the time.

In fact, the Constitution had to be amended a few times.

So this was a very, very difficult time for the French.

And then, when they finally realized that they could achieve this, they started making major reforms.

And this was the founding of the Republic.

They changed the French name to the Republic of France, which means “the Republic of the People.”

They gave their capital, Paris, to the state.

They established a system of taxation and of government.

And they made the first law that made it possible for women to vote.

It’s also worth noting that when they were building the city of Paris, they also started the process of changing the French language.

They created a new language, called French, for people to speak.

And French became the official language in France for over 100 years.

It really has changed the way we look and the way things are done in France.

It is still used in a number of ways today, but the French have been doing something quite remarkable over that time.

And one of the things they’ve done is created a nation that was very different from what we have in the United State.

So what’s the most important French thing?

Well, I think it’s important to look at what they’ve accomplished, and one of their things they did was to create a Constitution, a very democratic, egalitarian and constitutional Constitution.

This Constitution was a result of the French revolution, and it really set the stage for other revolutions that have happened over the years.

And so it was an extremely important document that gave France a much more egalitarian society.

And its impact is also evident in the way that we’re seeing the United Nations today.

So, you know, we have an extremely rich and influential democracy, and the U.N. has a very important function.

But it has become very politicized in recent years.

There have been some very significant decisions that were made that are causing tremendous disruption and a lot of confusion.

It used to be that there was a balance of power between the states and the federal government.

In other words, we had a very strong federal government that worked very closely with the states, and we had an incredibly strong national government that was elected by the people.

That balance has changed a lot over time, and that’s one of those things that is very important to keep in mind when you look at some of the different U.S. presidents.

You know, President George W. Bush was elected with a very Republican party and a very anti-government message.

He’s very anti war, very pro-immigration, very very pro labor unions, and so on.

And yet he’s become a leader in terms of the way he’s done things.

He was very successful at passing NAFTA.

He signed the Trade Promotion Authority into law.

He created the World Trade Organization and World Trade Commission, which is now the United Nation.

He has taken very aggressive actions, and he has done things that are very important.

But he’s not the only one who’s made significant decisions, either.

Other presidents have made important decisions in ways that are controversial and controversial.

But you also have presidents that have been more conservative in their approach to politics, in terms a little bit more isolationist.

They’ve tried to make themselves more independent, and I think that’s very important in terms for a president to be able to be in office.

I mean, it’s not just about having the most conservative or most anti-trade stance

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