Colonial Liquors, Colonial Hyatts and Colonial Hyatt Ownership

Colonial Liquor Corporation, a corporation owned by the United States Colonial Government, owns and operates Colonial Hyatts, a hotel in Los Angeles, California. 

 The hotel was established in 1857 by the U.S. Congress to serve the needs of Southern Californians, many of whom owned land in Southern California.

According to the Los Angeles Times, Colonial Liquordies was established to be the largest hotel chain in the Southern United States and one of the first to use hotel rooms as a dining and entertainment facility. 

After the U-S.

entered World War I, the Colonial Liquormen and Hotel owners were the first American corporations to purchase lands and make use of them for purposes of military purposes. 

The owners of Colonial Hyats were a large group of people who lived in and around Los Angeles and owned lands adjacent to the hotel. 

It was not until the 1960s that the hotel owners began to sell their land for the construction of the Colonial HyATs. 

In 1972, the Los Angelinos Board of Supervisors voted to allow Colonial Liquoriees to buy land and build a hotel on the property for $200 million. 

When the hotel opened in 1974, the owners were able to obtain approval from the city of Los Angeles to build a $100 million hotel complex. 

A number of companies have attempted to purchase the land and building materials that Colonial Liquores and its owners used for the hotel complex, but the effort has been unsuccessful. 

Although the hotel has since been sold, it has been used for its functions as a military and diplomatic outpost and has become a tourist attraction. 

Sources: Los Angeles Times | LA Times | The Atlantic | LA Daily News

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