Which is the best place to be a colonial?

At its core, Colonial Forge High School is about building connections, forging bonds and building a community.

In this exclusive interview with Axios, Principal Mike Williams explains why it is the perfect school for students who want to learn more about colonial history.

The school, located in Springfield, Massachusetts, is part of a series of schools that have grown from their founding in 1660s Boston and continue to operate today.

Williams said that many students have been looking for ways to learn about their colonial history for years.

The first school he remembers seeing was a local news station that had a history of publishing colonial history books.

“That was the first time I was introduced to that,” Williams said.

In the past, Williams and his staff have created a unique experience for students, introducing them to the colonial history they want to understand.

For example, the students at Colonial Forge have been able to experience the process of building a school building from scratch.

The construction of the school took place on a massive scale.

Students have also learned about the colonial era through an interactive history class, a game called Colonial Forge: The History of Colonial Forge and the first official book that was published.

Students can now take that knowledge and apply it to their own personal projects.

“We have a really powerful foundation of historical knowledge that students have,” Williams told Axios.

“They can get in touch with that through the interactive history course.

They can connect with that in the classroom.”

Colonial Forge is located at 442 South Franklin Street in Springfield.

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