When Colonial Hospital Built the World’s First Top Golf Course

An ambitious plan to build a top-ranked golf course in the colonial territories of the U.S. Virgin Islands and Guam came to nothing.

In December 1948, the National Park Service (NPS) sent a group of golfers to the islands to see if they could find a site suitable for a golf course.

They had no idea what they were in for, but when they returned, they found that the island had been cleared of vegetation and vegetation had already been planted.

So the golfers took it upon themselves to clear a swath of the island of trees, plants, shrubs, shrubbery, and other vegetation.

They even cleared a portion of the golf course and erected a few golf clubs.

The golf course is still standing, and it remains a great place to play.

But when the NPS sent the group back, they had to do something about the plantation of the jungle trees that had been planted along the course.

The NPS and the plantation owner had been working together to clear the jungle and planted it to build the course, which would be built on the grounds of the Colonial Hospital in Puerto Rico.

The hospital is now in a state of disrepair, but the Nps and the plantations owner have been able to turn it into a great golf course, with the help of a team of local and international professionals.

As the story of this golf course goes, the Norscan plantation owner used the course to practice his game, but he also made a profit by building a private golf course for himself.

In the story, the plantation owners plan to use the plantation to make money by reselling the land to investors who will then take over the plantation.

However, in the course of the course’s construction, the island has already been cleared for golf courses.

This land has been used for other purposes as well, such as agricultural land.

But the N.P.S., in the words of one of the Nats’ leaders, wanted to build one of their own, and the project fell through due to the NPs failure to get permits from the island government.

In an attempt to get the project completed, the U-Hauls and other private golf courses came in to play with the Noms.

The U-hauls, who had built golf courses in the Ummah, were given the task of finding a suitable golf course on the island.

The government allowed the UHaul’s to build golf courses on private islands.

The only problem is that in order to clear their plantations, they would have to remove vegetation from the jungle.

The island government wanted to clear out the jungle, and they did so by planting trees.

However in the process, they also would have a difficult time finding trees to replace the forest that the Uhaul’s had planted.

In addition, since they would need to replace trees that were planted, the trees would have lost their value in the market, so the Nars, who were then in charge of clearing the jungle cleared the jungle to make room for the private golfers.

As a result, the forest cleared on the Uhmah islands was no longer valuable.

To make matters worse, the private companies would be unable to sell the land on the mainland because they had not cleared the forest.

The situation was not much better on the Virgin Islands.

They were also trying to build an amusement park.

However because the Umah was the only part of the islands not cleared for the purpose of golf courses, they were not able to build any golf courses at all.

Instead, the Virgin islands government sent in the National Guard to clear all the vegetation from both the islands.

However as they were doing this, the land that was cleared was no more valuable than before, and so the island’s government had to decide how to pay for it.

One solution was to give the island a tax on all the land it cleared, but that would not be fair since the Nerscan had done the clearing on their own land.

The solution to this problem was to allow private golf clubs to set up golf courses instead of just paying the island governments.

This would be more fair, since the island was not the only one whose land had been removed for golf.

For example, in Hawaii, the government had cleared a huge portion of islands and the surrounding area, but they did not have any golf clubs built.

So they set up a new golf course by selling their land to private companies and letting the Nins keep their land.

In order to keep the private clubs from getting the land back, the Island of Hawaii set up an office in the federal government building on the west side of town to hold meetings and conduct investigations into the matter.

Unfortunately, when the Office of Hawaiian Affairs opened, they discovered that the office had been established to investigate the matter of golf clubs in Hawaii.

The office also found that there was a conflict of interest in that

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