Maryland Colony Is Back, Again, With New Logo

The Maryland Colony, an old-school hipster haunt with an old style, is back with a brand new logo.

In an interview with Eater, the brand’s creative director, Michael Gartrell, said that he and the designers of the new logo were inspired by the city’s iconic red brick structure and the new aesthetic of the colony.

“I think we felt that there were too many red bricks and that they just weren’t being used as much as they should be,” Gartell said.

“We wanted to bring back something that looked like it had a different aesthetic.”

The new logo features the same iconic silhouette of the old colony as well as a large, colorful block of red bricks, which Gartarrell says is the “original look of the Maryland Colony.”

The original logo was created by Gartll as part of a project called The Baltimore Urban Revival.

That project created a vibrant, urban urban style that reflected Baltimore’s past and present.

Gartrill said the logo also was a way to bring the colony back to life.

“It’s the same kind of vision that we had for the city when we were designing it, and that was to make it something that’s a mix of old and new, that’s an urban and urban-influenced design,” Gartsell said of the logo.

“The way it looks now is what we were looking for.

The idea is that it’s just a mix between a brick and a brick wall.”

Gartells work on the new Maryland Colony logo was featured in a new video called “Maryland Colony,” which features Baltimore’s most influential artists and thinkers.

Check out the new video below.


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