Why is Georgia Colony still struggling to attract investors?

A lot of the problems with Georgia Colony have been known to all the media since its initial launch back in 2015, but it’s only now that the colony is now attracting new investors that it is getting a proper understanding of what went wrong.

This is exactly what the company wants to know.

For starters, the company is not in the business of “grocery shopping”.

Rather, it is in the space of medical diagnosis, diagnostics and treatment.

This means that they have to have the patient in the room, and there are strict protocols to ensure that the patient is being properly evaluated.

It means that their data is not being used in other parts of the company, such as advertising, marketing or public relations.

And, in the case of healthcare, the healthcare industry in Georgia has not been able to provide the necessary support to the company and the patient.

In the early days, they had to rely on local NGOs and private sector players, but these are now largely defunct.

So, for example, they are not able to take on patients with chronic pain, and those patients are mostly from poorer neighbourhoods.

So, while the company aims to be able to pay for the patient’s treatment, they also have to ensure the patient does not get sick.

This often means the patient has to stay at home for the rest of the time, which is a lot of stress for a sick patient.

And in order to ensure a patient is receiving the best care, they will have to use the hospital’s diagnostic tools, which they say is far from perfect.

In fact, they have even come under fire for using the same tools that doctors use when treating people in a hospital.

This has led to some complaints, and many doctors are asking the company to make some changes to their tools, so that they can provide better healthcare for their patients.

While this may seem like a huge problem, Georgia Colony has a number of solutions for its problems, and they include hiring more staff and upgrading the facilities to make the most of the limited space.

The company also has a plan to create an open and inclusive community in which they can grow and improve the healthcare sector.

And now that it has a real idea of what is going wrong, it has to figure out how to fix it.

That means a lot more than just getting better tools.

For example, it will need to get rid of the antiquated, antiquated tools, and get them into the hands of a better team of doctors and nurses, and it will have a plan for the quality of care that is provided to patients.

The company is currently running a crowdfunding campaign to fund the hiring of more staff, and to raise the money to get the medical team back on track.

They are aiming to raise $150,000 by March 31st, and the goal is to get $250,000 to cover the initial costs.

If they reach their goal, they’ll then need to start working on the improvements that will be necessary to fix the problems that are already there.

They have also released a whitepaper that is meant to help the healthcare community learn about what went right and what went bad.

It’s available for free to anyone who wants to read it.

The whitepapers are intended to help people understand what went badly and what will need improvement.

The problem with Georgia colony is not just that the healthcare system is broken, it’s that it’s been so badly broken for so long that there is no way that it can get better.

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