When the Colony was invented, South Africa’s colonial pizza restaurant was named in honor of the colonial country

South Africa, in 1881, was one of the colonies of South Africa.

It was created in 1791 after the British had occupied South Africa in what was then known as the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland.

It would be another 20 years before South Africa was formally incorporated into the British empire.

South Africa has been the colonial superpower since independence, and was home to many of the world’s most famous colonial pizza restaurants, such as the famous one in Cape Town.

But it was the name of the restaurant in the colonial-era colony of Pemba, which became known as Colonial Pizza, that became iconic.

When Colonial Pizza opened in 1883, the restaurant was in the middle of an expansion that would eventually bring it to the top of the pizza world.

The restaurant, which was named for the British colony in which it was based, was so popular in the colony that it was named a national treasure by British Prime Minister Robert Peel, and it was considered to be one of his most successful and successful restaurants.

The name Colonial Pizza is also an homage to the first colonial pizza place, a British outpost in the Dutch colony of Leiden that was named after the city of Pimlico.

In recent years, the name Colonial has been used more often in the United States, and is now being applied to a number of popular chains, such the Baked Alaska, Burger King, and McDonald’s.

“We are really excited to be in the history books and to be able to bring our name back to South Africa and to the people who have loved and worked with us since we opened,” said Pembu Ntasani, president of the Pembez Foundation, which manages the restaurant.

Pembezu Foundation has been involved in the South African pizza industry for a long time, working to bring more of the South Africans love of pizza to the United World.

It has been working to rename the restaurant as Colonial Pie since 2002, and Pemboza said that since the name change in 2002, it has raised more than $50,000 to help fund the restaurant’s expansion.

While Colonial Pizza has had a huge success in South Africa since opening, the history of the name can be traced back to a certain time, according to Pembosania.

As a boy, he was taught to make pizzas in the house.

He started making his own pizza, which is where he came up with the name.

So, he called it Colonial Pie.

We are still trying to figure out how to go about getting the name, but we are trying to keep it a part of the history.

If we can’t get the name changed, the next best thing would be for us to take it on the road.

Pembolo Ntasi, owner of Colonial Pie and one of its owners, said that he is happy to have been chosen for the Colonial Pizza name.

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