The last thing we need at the moment is more tourism

It is a moment when tourism is in tatters, when the city of Cork is under siege from its own citizens and a tourism industry that is on the verge of collapse.

Its a time when Dublin and Cork have seen a resurgence of the city’s tourism sector and, as a result, the city has been hit hard by the economic crisis.

The tourism sector has been badly hit by the financial crisis.

The tourism sector in Cork was down by 10% last year.

It has since recovered and now has a much better recovery in line with what it needs to recover.

Its the last thing Dublin needs at this moment.

It is facing a crisis.

Its a very sad situation that we have to face at this point.

Its really, really sad.

Its not just about the tourism sector.

Its about the people that come here to see the sights and to eat and to have a good time and just to get on with their lives.

It’s not just a tourist issue.

Its an economic issue and its a very important one.

Its the only area in Ireland that we really need the tourism industry to recover from.

Its not just the tourism sectors.

Its all of them.

Its an economic crisis and its not just Cork.

Its also our whole city and all of our communities.

Cork is the centre of Ireland’s tourism industry.

Its where people come to have fun, it’s where the festivals take place and its the home of the Royal Dublin Society.

We all have our own stories about what makes a city special.

I have come from Cork to visit the city once or twice.

Its a city where there is a lot of history and a lot more than meets the eye.

I think thats what makes it such a special place.

Its been hit by a financial crisis and it has now recovered.

Its just the next step.

Its time for the Government to start thinking about how to address the crisis.

It is a problem that Dublin faces.

Its been a very difficult time for Dublin.

Its very difficult.

Its going to take time for things to settle down, but at the same time, we are very fortunate to be here.

It does take time.

Its something we all have to learn to live with.

Its like having a bad relationship.

Its tough, its difficult, but we have got to move on.

Its time for us to start putting in place a plan for our economy and the recovery of our economy.

Its already a difficult time.

It needs to be tackled.

We need to make sure we are not complacent and we need to think about how we are going to do it.

Its just been very difficult to deal with.

We are having a very hard time dealing with it.

We have had a hard time getting a grip on it.

It doesnt really have a solution yet.

Its hard to put a plan together.

Its difficult to look at what the solutions are.

Its going to be tough, we all are going through a very tough time.

Weve had a tough time dealing.

Its sad, but it is a part of life and its part of who we are.

We can’t just ignore it.

We have to deal.

Its part of our everyday lives.

Its what we do.

Its how we live.

Its our job.

We cant just let this go on.

We need to have an emergency plan.

Its one of the things that we need, is to have emergency plans in place to deal effectively with the crisis that we are facing right now.

Its our job to deal through this.

Its happening, it is happening now, and its going to happen again.

We dont want this to just go away.

We just need to get a plan in place.

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