The first anniversary of the shooting academy massacre is in the books

A year after the massacre at the Colonial Shooting Academy in Shrewsbury, Shropshire, a number of lessons have been learnt, and the first anniversary celebrations are underway.

The day before the massacre, a small group of survivors met in the town’s historic town hall, where the survivors were invited to meet some of the survivors.

The survivors, who are all survivors of the academy, were asked to bring their personal memories and stories to the ceremony.

Many had been in the academy for less than two weeks and had not spoken publicly about the massacre.

They spoke about how the shooting was a turning point for them, as they were brought to the attention of the wider community and their families.

As well as sharing personal experiences, the survivors shared how the massacre changed them.

One survivor, who wishes to remain anonymous, was in the same school as one of the shooters.

“I remember feeling scared, unsure of myself, and having to hide.

I remember being alone in a small room, with a gun, as I cried in front of the other kids,” he said.

The survivors have shared their stories to raise awareness about the shooting and its impact on survivors. “

It changed my life, and that was a very profound moment.”

The survivors have shared their stories to raise awareness about the shooting and its impact on survivors.

“One of the reasons why the academy has been closed is because of the public perception of the massacre and the shooting as a whole,” said Joanne White, the founder of the Shrewshire Association of Survivors (SASS), which is organising the event.

“But in fact it’s a memorial to survivors and they want it to continue as long as it can.”

The shooting at the academy in Shroptembert is one of a number in the past 10 years to have resulted in a mass shooting.

In 2014, a gunman killed four people and injured more than 100 people in a shooting at a holiday resort in Austria.

The gunman, a Romanian national, killed himself after police found a note with a threat to his life and killed himself.

The shooting, and similar incidents in which people are killed at holiday resorts, prompted the government to create the National Shooting Sports Board to provide support to victims.

The board has since received over $200 million in funding.

The next anniversary of Shrope’s shooting will be on Tuesday, May 1, 2019, at the local church.

“We have a number who are coming forward to share their stories and share their experiences and their experiences are what is happening in this town now,” said Shroppa Shropta, the local branch of SASS.

“This is a very important time for us, as it marks the first day of Shrewshire’s anniversary, and this will be a very special time for the survivors.”

The next day, Shrewsdys town hall will be filled with remembrances of the victims of the school massacre.

“There will be memorials, a memorial service and a commemoration,” said White.

“As we approach Shropys 1st anniversary of shooting, I want to see people come forward and tell their stories.”

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