When the colonizers were busy, it was the colonists who did the cooking

From colonial times, people have been cooking on colonial kitchen islands.

Here are 10 of the most iconic.


The Colonial Garden of D’Albéry Source This French colonial mansion was the main kitchen island at the Crown Royal Hotel in London’s East End, until the mid-20th century.

It was a key location in the establishment of a post-war economy, with many of the British and Irish establishments in the area catering to the British military.

It’s now a museum.


The French Colonial Cookbook, 1750-1853: A Collection of the Recipes and Services of the Most Illustrious Colonists, and a Selection of the Dining Table and Cabinet Designs of the French Colonists at the Royal Court, Paris, 1803.


The cookbook for a British kitchen, published in 1791 by John Gage, a veteran of the American Revolution, and includes a cookbook of the “French Revolution,” which began in 1792 and was a revolution for the American colonies.

It includes a recipe for the French Revolution’s “Dining Table” as well as a recipe and recipe for a “cabinet” made from “machinery of the Colonial era.”


The British Cookbook of 1790, published by William Browning, a British soldier in the American Revolutionary War.

Browning’s recipe for “a good table,” as well the “table of the kitchen,” is a staple of the English kitchen.


The English Cookbook by James Cook, a chef and restaurateur in his late 60s, published around 1790 by James Watt, a noted chef in his own right.

The recipe for an English “dinner table” is also included.


The “English Cookbook,” by William Smith, a cook and restaurateurs in his 50s, and published in 1804 by Charles Dickens.


The Cookbook for the Modern Table by Sir John F. W. Wollaston, a former chief cook and founder of the Wollastons, a company of restaurants in New York City.

Wolaston also contributed to the recipes of James Watt and Thomas Keller.


A “French” Kitchen, by Henry W. Brown, published between 1798 and 1800, by George Cope, the chef and author of the popular cookbooks of his day.


The Dictionary of American Food and Drink, by Charles F. Beard, a New York newspaper editor and author who was an avid cook and who served as the “official cook of the United States Senate.”

Beard also contributed recipes for dishes he considered American.


The Recipe Book of the Colonists by James Beard, the former chef of the Duke of Wellington’s table at the White House.


The Book of American Cookery, by H. M. Coppens, the cook and author.

This cookbook was published in 1906, and is the only cookbook to contain a recipe that was made by the British.


The New American Cookbook and Cookbook Book, by John Fowkes, a contemporary of the cook of George Eliot’s Table.


The American Cook, by Robert Fowke, a food historian and editor of the Cooks and Cookery Book Club.

The book has been used to train kitchen staff at various universities.


The Kitchen of the Ancient Romans by William of Orange, a French historian, who wrote about the kitchen of ancient Rome, including an ancient recipe for making beef soup.


The History of the New England Kitchen by J. Mather, a professional cook and a historian who was a cook in the British Royal Navy during World War I. 16.

The Illustrated British Cookery by F. C. Scott, the first British cookbook published in the United Kingdom.


The Guide to the Colonial Cookery Garden, by William R. Worthen, a historian and publisher of the Oxford University Cookbook Club.

Worn by British troops in World War II, this book is now a collection of recipes for British and American kitchen islands in the Middle East.


The Recipes of a Cook, published during the Revolutionary War by Samuel Richardson, a soldier and member of the Royal Marines, who was also a cook during the War of 1812.


The The Cook Book of a Revolutionary Cook, the second edition by William Richardson, who served in the Royal Navy in the mid 1800s.


The Complete British Cook Book, the third edition by John B. Murray, the historian and author, published from 1828 to 1836.

The original was sold at auction in 2009.


The Art of the Kitchen, published to mark the 50th anniversary of the birth of Lord Kitchener, a member of Parliament and a member to the Royal Family.

A copy of this cookbook is still on display at the London Library. 22

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