How a ‘brave’ woman took a chance on a diamond mine

The Swiss capital is known for its colourful and beautiful architecture, and it is also home to a diamond mining colony.

It is called the “brave” colony.

But the story of the woman who risked everything to get a diamond is not so simple.

Here’s how she got there.

Born in the early 1980s in the small town of Tenerife, in the Canary Islands, the 22-year-old said she always had a strong interest in the diamonds.

“My dad used to say ‘you’re not a child, you’re a princess’,” she told the BBC.

“It’s very important to me, that I find out about diamonds.”

It was in 1987 that the young woman decided to apply for a job in the mining sector, and applied for the diamond mine job in 2005.

Her father had previously worked for the Swiss Diamond Corp (SDC), and she was looking for something more stable.

The SDC offered her a job as a senior adviser, and after a short period of time, the job became her dream job.

She said she felt very confident and loved her job.

“I had the right attitude and worked hard, and was very satisfied,” she said.

“The company told me that they had been in talks with my employer, and that I was the right candidate.”

“I felt that I would enjoy my job as much as I would be able to,” she added.

But just like many other women, the young lady faced difficulties with her new position.

“There were a lot of rumours about my job, and my father was worried about my reputation,” she told us.

“We got a divorce at the end of 2008, and I went back to work for the SDC.”

After a short stint working in the mines, the SSC offered her another job.

Her new employer wanted to make sure that she was not the only woman on the company payroll, and asked her to leave the company and return to her home town of Le Havre, in central France.

She accepted, and returned to Le Havres.

“They were very strict in making sure that I did not leave my home town, and they told me I could not leave the country,” she recalled.

She did leave her home, but only to visit her mother, and the young mother was so happy to see her daughter again that she decided to return to the country to see if she had any relatives.

She was told by her father that the only way she could return to France was to get married and settle down with her family.

“When I left, my father went into the mine and I stayed in Le Havrev, so I had to leave my house, my family, and everything,” she explained.

But that did not mean that the rest of her family was completely satisfied with her decision.

“People were still worried about me,” she continued.

“But I was very happy, and loved being a part of the SLC,” she went on.

“As soon as I left my mother was not happy.

She wanted me to stay at home and be a stay-at-home mom.”

After leaving Le Havrel, the new wife told her husband about the diamond business.

“He told me, ‘you’ve done the right thing, you can’t do it again,'” she said, recalling the conversation.

“So I went to work.”

She spent three years working as a diamond worker, and she got to know the mines from a very early age.

“After I worked there for a few years, I got married, and settled down in Le Bont, which is just south of Paris.”

“As a stay at-home mother, it was very difficult,” she recounted.

“You’re so young, and you’re not used to working at home, and so you’re very stressed.”

“And also, it’s very expensive,” she also added.

“Every day, you have to pay for your child’s lessons, and for your clothes.”

But the diamond mines were not the end, and this was not all that she did for the first couple of years.

She began a family, but it did not take long for her to realise that she wanted to work in a different industry.

She started her own business, and as a young mother, she found it difficult to take care of her children.

“Sometimes I would stay home, just because I was a stayat-at home mother, but I also had my own family, so it was difficult,” the young worker said.

She went back into the mines with a new attitude and started to be more independent.

“At that time, I wanted to go to work, but at that time I didn’t want to go back to my home,” she admitted.

“Because I didn: I wanted a better life for my family,” she stated.

“And I wanted my daughter to have a better future than me.”

“When you’re young, you

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