Which American colonies are the most important?

The U.S. population has been shrinking since the late 19th century, and there are currently roughly 300 million Americans.

But the number of American colonies in the world has only just begun to expand.

A new list of the world’s most important colonies, released Tuesday, offers a look at where Americans have made history.

The colonies in this list are based on a list compiled by the New York Times, and include New England colonies that have been at the heart of American independence and the Caribbean islands that have become U..


Here’s a look.


New England: Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, Vermont, Maine, New Jersey, Connecticut, New York, Pennsylvania, New England (not counting the British colonies) are among the most influential colonies in U.K. history.

They also happen to be the least populous, with a population of just under 7.5 million people.2.

Florida: Florida, the state with the largest U. S. population, was established in 1776, and in 1808 the U. K. became the first U. s. state to recognize its independence.3.

California: California, one of the United States’ founding states, was founded in 1644 and became part of the Union in 1848.

The state also has its own governor, state legislature, and state Supreme Court.4.

Maryland: The state is home to the U U. k.

Supreme Court, which was founded by William and Mary professor Oliver Wendell Holmes, who served as the first justice to sit on the U S. Supreme Courts.5.

Massachusetts: In 1802, Massachusetts was named a “state of the union,” after the United Kingdom became a state in the Treaty of Westphalia.6.

Vermont: In 1782, the United states declared Vermont the first state in North America to become a free state.

It is also home to a number of U. niversity research institutions, including the MIT, Harvard, and Stanford Universities.7.

Maine: The first state to have a woman elected to its legislature, the Maine legislature was established to provide a voice for women and girls.8.

New Hampshire: The New Hampshire legislature is home for many of the state’s founding fathers, including James Madison and George Washington.9.

Pennsylvania: The United States became a union state in 1783.

In 1833, the states first legislature, known as the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, was formed.10.

Maine, Rhode Islands, and Vermont: These three colonies are home to many of America’s most famous landmarks, including Mount Vernon and St. Paul’s Cathedral.11.

Washington, D.C.: In the 18th century the U s Capitol was built on the site of a former slave market, and it was renamed the U Capitol in 1909.12.

Massachusetts, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and Newfoundland: These colonies are in Canada, and are home the majority of Canada’s population, including Quebec and New Brunswick.13.

New York: New York is a major port city, home to New York City, New Haven, Long Island, and New Jersey.14.

Maine and New Hampshire are the three states that voted for President Donald Trump, who is a native New Yorker.

The U s president is also a New Yorker, and he is also the second-most-educated American in the U niversity.15.

Virginia: Virginia, which has been home to two presidents, George Washington and James Madison, is home in the heartland of the Confederacy.16.

New Jersey: New Jersey was the first New York state to become independent from the United Sates, in 1774.

It became part the United Provinces in 1806, and was a home to George Washington, the nation’s first governor, and James Monroe, the U .

S. secretary of state.17.

New Mexico: New Mexico is home mostly to the Albuquerque, N.M. area, which is known for its gambling and heavy metal industry.18.

Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Kentucky: The three states are home mostly for the wealthy.19.

Florida, Texas, Florida, and Arizona: Florida is home, along with the U States and Canada, to the world famous Three Gorges Dam.20.

Connecticut, Michigan, and Massachusetts: The states have a rich history of natural resources, and they are also home of a large number of the U ustric cities.21.

Maine is home mainly to the New England region, and has also been home for President George Washington as well as former U.s.

Senator Joseph P. Kennedy.22.

Vermont is home primarily to the southern part of Vermont.23.

Maine’s legislature was the last one to be dissolved after the election of Governor Kate Brown in 2015.24.

Vermont, Connecticut and Massachusetts have been home only to one other governor, Robert M. McIntyre, since the last time Vermont was a state.25. New