Colonial grand school, Colonial grand, Colonial High School: Where to find a pet in Colonial Louisiana

A new petting zoo in Colonial Baton Rouge is offering exotic animals to families who have been looking for their furry companions.

The Petting Zoo is an all-volunteer organization that allows families to visit the zoo’s petting pavilion for petting sessions and to bring their own animals to see.

It was started by a family in 2016 with a goal to find “the perfect pet for them.”

In an online video posted on Friday, a family from the town of St. Tammany, Louisiana, said they came to PettingZoo to find out if their two cats were too big for their home and their older dog.

The family said they ended up choosing one of the large cats because it was the perfect size for them.

They said their family has a very loyal dog and cat, who they called their ‘miniaturized pet.’

Petting zoo director Chris Jones said he hopes to create a petting park for all families in the future.

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