How French Colonial Square apartments became ‘TV series’

By Chris Hutton, BBC News France’s colonial buildings, which still stand in the middle of the French capital’s central square, have long been a favourite haunt of the television show Big Brother.

Now, they are returning to the French airwaves, in the form of a new series on France’s Channel 5.

The series, titled French Colonial, will air on French TV on January 31.

It will feature the stories of six of the city’s most famous colonial buildings from 1818 to 1920, as well as other historic sites, including the Champs Elysees.

“The programme has the spirit of the series, but with a modern twist,” said French cultural ambassador Yves Bouchet.

“It’s very much a new approach.”

One of the buildings, the Château de Montmartre, was constructed as a tourist attraction in the early 19th Century and has been a popular location for visitors to take in the cityscape.

“When you look at this place now, it’s like looking back on the 20th century,” said Bouchet, adding that the Chateau was the first of its kind in the world to be built as a residential structure.

“But that doesn’t mean we’re abandoning the past.”

The first series will feature three episodes.

One will focus on the first visit to the Chatelaine (French: Châtelaine), an apartment building on the site of the old Châtillon Palace.

It is now owned by the city and is often used by the French government to host foreign dignitaries.

Another episode will focus around the first official visit to a colony by an English visitor in 1818, which took place on the Chapeau de Bourgogne.

“If you think of the Chapelaine, it was the centre of the colonial economy in 18th-century France, and it was an ideal place to host a visit,” said Souad Mekhennet, the programme’s producer.

“As a result, the residents of the colony were very fond of the place, and so they would often stay there for extended periods of time.”

A third episode will examine the relationship between the colonial building and the Champ-en-Yvelines (French, “The Yvelines”), a large public park that is now home to the new Châpillon Palace, one of the oldest and largest of the five colonial buildings.

The park, located on the eastern side of the square, has an open area that can be enjoyed by visitors.

“In the middle part of the park, there’s an area of the building where the park is located,” said Mekhenet.

“There are several benches in this area that were created by French people.

They were chairs that had been specially made for this use, and they have a French name: Champ en-Yveille.”

One piece of the programme will feature a series of interviews with the local inhabitants of the area, who were also present during the visit by the English.

“I am so honoured that they have the opportunity to do this,” said Yves-Marie Dufour, a local resident who lives in a building that was part of French colonial property.

“They are very passionate about their history.

It’s very important to them.”

The programme will be broadcast on France 5 on January 3 and will be followed by another episode.

“We’re going to show a real reflection of the time that we live in and how it was for this colony,” said Mouzia Dieng, the executive producer of the program.

“This programme is not about the present but about the past.

It speaks to our past and the present, and that’s why we’re so proud of it.”

France is the latest country to explore the legacy of the Great British Empire, with a series about the country’s role in the Second World War set to air on France 2 on January 10.

“What I love most about this programme is that it will look at history as a whole and also to show how the different countries and different peoples, their different cultures, have been affected by the Great War,” said Dieng.

The series is part of a wider campaign by France to make history more accessible to the public. “

At the end of the day, this programme has been made for the French public.”

The series is part of a wider campaign by France to make history more accessible to the public.

Earlier this year, the government launched the Big Brother Challenge, a programme to make historical and cultural sites accessible to people of all ages, using social media to encourage them to visit them.

“All French people, regardless of the history or the culture, are important to this country and have a lot of history to share with the public,” said Minister of Culture and Tourism Jean-Michel Delattre.

“These buildings were designed for our people.

It makes them even more important to us.”

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