Dutch Colonial House to be demolished in Philadelphia

Dutch Colonial-style homes are going up in the city of Philadelphia.

The home, built between 1688 and 1721, is on the corner of Pennsylvania Avenue and Broadway, according to the Pennsylvania Historical Society.

The new building is part of the Dutch Colonial Houses Historic District.

“The new building will be a testament to the legacy of the colonial settlers of Philadelphia and will also serve as an important landmark for the city’s heritage and urban revitalization efforts,” said Bob Dutton, vice president of real estate for Philadelphia.

“This will be an important project for Philadelphia and the entire city.”

The building will also include a new plaza and walkway, a restaurant and other amenities.

The Colonial House will be demolished and replaced with a larger, more modern building.

It will be the first Colonial house to be torn down in the Philadelphia area.

The Dutch Colonial style houses were a major architectural landmark in Philadelphia during the American Revolutionary War, but they were never built to the specifications of the era, Dutton said.

“These were not the buildings designed for the future,” Dutton told The Associated Press.

“They were built to last.”