Which is your favorite episode of the first season of ‘Arrested Development?’

It’s an easy decision: The best episode of “Arresting Development,” and possibly the most emotional.

The series, which centers on a fictional show about a small, dysfunctional family of misfits who have an unfortunate history with drugs, is a classic sitcom with a lot of heart.

The first season was about two misfits, Reggie and Reggie’s brother Reggie, and their family.

Their mother was a drug addict and their father was a former cop, and Reggie was also a police officer, so it was clear they had a hard time with drugs and dealing.

But the show was also more than just a family drama, it was also about how they dealt with the trauma of their pasts.

Reggie’s mom, Mary, died when he was a teenager, and his dad, Gary, was an alcoholic who had a bad rap and was in prison for the murder of a man who was his boyfriend’s cousin.

When the series first premiered, “Arrrested” had a lot to do with the trials and tribulations of Reggie’s mother, and the struggles of the family.

They were struggling to be honest with each other and the world, but they were also struggling to hold their own.

The show was about how Reggie’s family dealt with these struggles and, even though they were all struggling with drug use, they could still find humor in their struggles and find a place in their lives.

The second season, which is about Reggie’s father, Bobby, became an epic tale of addiction, mental illness, and redemption.

Bobby’s wife, Donna, had a heart attack while he was serving time for the robbery of a local jewelry store, and she committed suicide in prison, just a few weeks after Bobby’s release.

In the end, Bobby’s redemption, and Bobby’s life, were the heart of the series, and it was the show that showed the struggles Reggie and his family faced and how they could overcome them.

So, what’s your favorite season of “Redskins”?

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