‘Nudist colony’ is on a roll, family says as they get ready for a birthday celebration

The parents of a nudist family in the middle of a major renovation project say the group is “on a roll.”

The nudist community of East Bayport is gearing up for its first birthday celebration with a party and a family-friendly event that will be hosted by the East Bay Community Foundation.

The event, set for Wednesday at a local restaurant, will feature a free-spirited dance party, live music, food trucks and live music by local DJs.

The party is set to start at 9 p.m. and will continue through the night.

It will be the first birthday of the family, who were born in California and moved to the East End of New York.

The family said the celebration will be held in an intimate setting in their home and will include “a full day of activities for everyone to enjoy.”

“It will just be a very fun, fun event that everyone can get involved with,” said the family’s daughter, Tracey, a former employee of a local music venue.

“It will bring us back to where we belong.”

Terrace and her sister, Jillian, also attended the birthday party in May.

They say it’s not a typical birthday party.

It’s all about making it special for our parents.””

The kids will be in costumes.

It’s all about making it special for our parents.”

Nudists say it is one of the reasons they’re making the move to the Bay Area.

They want to have fun.

And they are making the most of the opportunity to celebrate their family’s birthday.

“We’re really excited to celebrate our family’s new home in East Bay,” said Erin Trescothick, an East Bay community relations specialist for the East Side of the Bay.

“We’re hoping it will be a celebration of life, and the family is really excited about it.”

The event will be open to all ages and genders, with a small portion of the proceeds benefiting the Eastbay Community Foundation’s “Treat Others Like Us” program.

The foundation is a nonprofit organization that provides financial and emotional support to underserved families.

Trescothy is a member of the Eastside Naturist Community.

She said the organization is hoping to help bring back some of the community’s former homes to the neighborhood.

“I’m really excited for this family to be able to go back into their old homes and celebrate their new home,” Trescy said.

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