Colonial house plans in the U.S. are getting an overhaul

On Monday, we reported on a plan to renovate the Colonial House on North Avenue in New Orleans, which has seen some history over the years.

According to the plan, the Colonial house will be a new addition to the historic structure.

But it’s not a complete overhaul.

The plan calls for adding a full kitchen, living room, living area, and bathrooms, as well as adding a large dining room, a large living room and dining room lounge, and additional space in the main living room.

The project has a projected cost of $100 million.

The original Colonial House is a unique building that dates back to 1821, but was only fully restored in the 1950s.

In the years since, it’s been converted to a park, and is now home to the National Mall.

The Colonial House was constructed in 1891 as a temporary home for the US Army, and has served as a historic marker in the city.

It’s one of the last surviving structures of the Civil War.

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