How to make the perfect American Thanksgiving feast


(AP) In colonial times, it wasn’t uncommon for Thanksgiving to be a meal that served as an opportunity for all sides to gather and share food, drink and even a sermon.

That tradition has grown and changed.

But for some Americans, the tradition of celebrating Thanksgiving is about more than eating Thanksgiving dinner.

It’s about finding new ways to celebrate the holiday and helping preserve it for future generations.

“It’s a celebration that we all have in common and it’s an opportunity to celebrate, celebrate, and really embrace a part of American history that is a little bit different,” said Bob McAllister, a historian and co-author of “Colonial Thanksgiving: A History of the Thanksgiving Feast,” a book on the holiday.

“It’s not about having Thanksgiving dinner and eating turkey.

It has a lot more to do with a celebration of our country and a celebration around Thanksgiving itself.”

Many Americans consider Thanksgiving to have a more festive meaning than Thanksgiving dinner, which traditionally celebrates the beginning of the new year.

But the holiday is also seen by many as a way for families to get together and celebrate with each other and other families and friends.

It’s also a chance for families and families to celebrate their differences, McAllisters said.

In Colonial America, Thanksgiving was a time to bring together all members of a community, especially when people didn’t have a lot in common.

It was a celebration to celebrate all of the people who were in this community and to acknowledge their uniqueness and their diversity.

For those who choose to celebrate it, Thanksgiving is a chance to celebrate with their family, friends and neighbors.

Some families may have no idea about what it’s like to be Indigenous people, or if their ancestors lived in this area.

Others might have heard the term Colonial Thanksgiving and know that it’s about celebrating Thanksgiving but didn’t know what to do.

That’s why McAlliers book is about creating Thanksgiving celebrations that will bring families together and help preserve the holiday for future years.

“The Colonial Thanksgiving celebration is an opportunity, not only to celebrate Thanksgiving but to recognize the history and the legacy of Thanksgiving, so it’s a really great opportunity for us as a society to really acknowledge and celebrate that, and also recognize that, because we’ve never really been able to really celebrate that,” McAllians book says.

“There’s a lot of ways we can celebrate Thanksgiving, but Thanksgiving itself is really about a celebration and a time of celebration,” said Karen Fenton, executive director of the Southern Colonial Food & Wine Festival, which organizes Thanksgiving celebrations in the Colonial New Jersey area.

The festival, which is based in New Jersey, has a strong focus on Thanksgiving.

Its biggest event is a celebration for Indigenous American families in North Jersey, which starts Saturday and ends Sunday.

The festival is also hosting a Thanksgiving Celebration at its annual Thanksgiving Day event, a family-friendly event that offers hands-on activities for families.

“We’re going to have an Indigenous family event that will be at a location of their choice,” Fenton said.

Fenton said she’s seen a surge of interest in Indigenous food from Indigenous communities, and many families are looking to celebrate together.

“The people are excited,” she said.

“One of the big things that we’re trying to make sure is that people know what Indigenous food is and they know what Thanksgiving is,” Fentonsaid.

“We are not trying to take it away from Indigenous people or people of color, but we want people to recognize that Indigenous food has existed for thousands of years.”

In a sense, Indigenous people were the first to adopt Thanksgiving as a celebration.

McAllings book shows that some people were already eating turkey as early as 1760.

In the late 1700s, Native Americans were eating Thanksgiving with their families.

It wasn’t until the late 1800s that Thanksgiving became a holiday.

It wasn’t the first time Thanksgiving was celebrated, though.

Indigenous people in the 1700s were eating turkey, but they were eating the meat from the wild game that was not part of the diet of European colonists.

The Europeans didn’t realize the difference in taste between the native animal and the meat they were buying, and they didn’t want to cook it.

The Europeans didn.

“So they used this whole food-plant thing to try to create this turkey that they could eat and cook it,” Mcallister said.

It didn’t take long for people to discover the difference between Thanksgiving and turkey, and people were eating it for a variety of reasons.

McALListers book says the holiday became a celebration with a lot to do about food preservation.

The holiday began in 1760 when the first Thanksgiving celebration took place at a church in New Brunswick, N.J. A few months later, the New England Pilgrims established a mission in Massachusetts and started serving Thanksgiving dinners in New England.

By 1780, there were about 150 missions in

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