How to make a nudist beach for your home or apartment


Nudist beaches have returned, and it’s time to celebrate!

Here’s how to make your own nudist campground at home.

NUDISPORT.COM What to pack for your nudist vacation: A towel, bathing suit, and some clothes.

The beach is free to use, but if you’re not comfortable getting wet, you can rent a campsite.

For more information, visit or call (888) 867-7342.

Nudist camping tips: Bring your own beach chair, water bottle, and a towel.

Be sure to bring some clothes, too.

Bring sunscreen if you plan to be outside for the full duration of your vacation.

If you have to stay inside for a long time, use sunscreen as soon as you leave the beach, but don’t use it while you’re outside.

To dry your clothes and dry your feet, put them in a dryer and set it to a gentle heat.

Make sure your bed is not too warm, and you can have it a little warm if you want to sleep in your bed.

Also, bring a fire, a tent, and water.

If there are no hot drinks available, bring some water and some nonalcoholic tea or coffee to drink.

Bring your favorite beach chairs and bring your own water bottle.

Be aware that some parks will not allow naked sunbathing.

Some beaches will allow bathing in a beach chair if you are over 16 years old.

Do not be alarmed if there are signs prohibiting nudity on the beach.

You can still be nude if you do not want to be.

If it’s a public beach, it will be covered by the law.

Be careful not to touch your genitals on the sand.

You may be charged with a misdemeanor if you touch yourself on a public beaches.

If possible, wear a bathing suit.

Bring a blanket and a blanket pad if you have them, but be aware that the beach will be too hot.

Bring water and a water bottle if you will be outside the beach for a few days.

You will need water to clean your face, arms, legs, and torso.

If the beach is too hot, you may be able to camp out for a night, but you will have to clean yourself first.

You are also required to clean up after yourself.

Make a plan and keep track of what you do on the site.

Nudists may also camp out in some parks.

Make an appointment to see if you can camp there.

If no accommodations are available, call your local park.

NUDE ONLINE NUDITY RULES: Nudism is permitted at any of the parks, public beaches, or recreation areas.

You should respect other visitors’ privacy and be courteous to all others.

Do NOT walk in a park or on public beaches while nude.

Nude beaches may be private, or people may not be in the park while nude, or they may not leave their bathing suits on or in the sand while nude (see NUDESEXUAL SITES ).

If you are planning to be nude, wear bathing suits and wear appropriate footwear and sunscreen.

Do leave a note on the outside of your bathing suit stating your location, time of day, and any other information you may need.

If a park has a beach, please be sure to let other park guests know about it.


Yes, there are some parks where you can go nude.

For example, the Grand Canyon and Yellowstone are both designated National Parks.

NEPTUNE NUDITAS: Are nudists allowed?


Some parks, such as Yellowstone, are designated as National Parks and allow nudists.

National parks have a lot of different activities for people to do.

There are also designated nude beaches at the Grand River and Great Smoky Mountains National Parks in Tennessee and in the Grand Tetons National Park in Florida.

National Parks can also provide nude beaches, but it is up to the individual park to decide whether or not they want nude beaches.

What about nude beaches on national parks?

Some national parks do not allow nude beaches due to the health risks.

The National Park Service has designated beaches in the Great Smokies and Yellowstone National Parks, but this does not mean they are public beaches or nude beaches are allowed.

Are there restrooms?


National parks also have designated restrooms, but they are not open to the public.

Do I need to bring my own sunscreen?

If you plan on nude camping, be sure you have some sunscreen.

Naturist campgrounds may require you to wear sunscreen, but the temperature and direction of sun should be the same as if you were outside.

The water temperature should be between 65 degrees and 75 degrees Fahrenheit.

If temperatures drop below 70 degrees, you should wear sunscreen.

What if I’m not sure about the weather? If

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