Why do we fight imperialism and colonialism?

In the wake of the deadly coup d’état in Turkey in July, many have been wondering if the US was the catalyst.

The US military has since launched a series of airstrikes against Isis targets in Syria, while President Trump has vowed to defend the country’s ally and NATO ally Turkey.

But what is it that motivates them?

Is it the prospect of US military involvement in a war that the US itself has been fighting for years?

Or is it the fact that there is a real danger of the conflict turning into a conflict of the West, the world’s largest, if not the most dangerous?

This is a very important question, and one that can help shed light on how imperialism is shaping its own future.

Is the US really fighting for democracy?

In 2017, Donald Trump’s election as US president marked a major shift in US policy, one that saw a shift from the US’s previous strategy of containment, as in the US-led campaign against Isis, to a more aggressive foreign policy, where the US seeks to dominate and destabilise global societies.

Trump’s new foreign policy came as part of a much-needed reset of US policy towards China, which had been seen as a key player in the Middle East.

Trump campaigned as a populist and nationalist, while Xi Jinping, the Chinese leader, sought to forge a new strategic partnership with the US.

While Trump’s policy towards Asia is a controversial one, in the decades since his election, the US has increasingly sought to expand its influence in the region.

The United States is currently involved in the so-called ‘pivot to Asia’, which is a series, which is aimed at forging a closer alliance with its key Asian partners, and is designed to counter China’s growing influence in Asia.

In 2016, for example, the Obama administration had deployed around 600 US military personnel to the region in the hope of influencing the regional order.

In 2017 however, with the coup d’tat in Egypt and Turkey, the military’s response to Isis has been more aggressive, with a US military aircraft carrier, the USS Carl Vinson, currently conducting joint exercises with Filipino forces.

This has provoked a backlash from many within the US establishment, as well as from many commentators and policymakers in the West.

While the Trump administration’s response has been a dramatic escalation of US involvement in the conflict, it is worth asking whether the US is actually seeking to create a more democratic world.

The answer is no.

Rather, it seems to be actively pursuing a military strategy that seeks to maintain US power.

Is it actually seeking democracy?

One can see this in the way the US engages in foreign policy and the way that it operates in the world.

While in the past, the USA has sought to create an open and democratic system, this is not the case anymore.

The USA has become the world leader in militarising the police, and in using military force against its own people.

As the US military and other US agencies have increasingly become involved in foreign affairs, this has created a situation in which US military power is increasingly seen as necessary for protecting its own interests and the interests of US corporations and foreign powers.

The global capitalist system has been undergoing a massive restructuring in recent decades, which has led to the emergence of the world in which American corporations and the financial institutions that they control control dominate the political, economic, social, and cultural life of the countries in which they operate.

This is also the case in the countries where they operate, such as Brazil, Russia, China, India, and other countries in the East and West.

As this restructuring is occurring, US imperialism has shifted from being a defensive power to a strategic power.

It has become a threat to those countries which are not as strong and prosperous as the US and its allies.

As a result, many in the United States and its imperialist allies have become less concerned about the rights of their people, or even the rights themselves.

In fact, this shift has been so pronounced that the United Nations, which originally established a commission to monitor and assess human rights in the globalised world, has recently been accused of promoting an “anti-democratic agenda”.

And it seems that the globalist system has now also begun to challenge the US as the dominant power in the capitalist system.

The struggle between capitalism and imperialism is no longer a struggle between those who want to protect the interests and rights of the working class, and those who seek to preserve and expand the power of US imperialism.

Rather it is a struggle for hegemony and domination, a struggle of the dominant class against those who are fighting for social and political rights.

It is this struggle that has brought the US into conflict with its most important allies, and which has fuelled the militarisation of the police and the intensification of the US war against the Syrian people.

Is imperialism really a new form of imperialism?

Is the Trump era really the beginning of a new imperialism?

While it is true that Trump’s foreign policy has been very aggressive, and that his domestic policies have

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