Colonial Liquors: An Australian story in 60 words or less

On the night of September 14, 1862, three men dressed in black from head to toe were shot to death while waiting in line for a colonial liquors shipment.

The first victims were three brothers, James and John Smith, who were shot as they stood in line in the colony’s main street.

The second victim was an unidentified man.

A third victim, a black man, was beaten, tied to a post and then set on fire.

The fourth victim, John Linton, died of his wounds.

The third victim’s brother, William Smith, survived.

At first, there were conflicting accounts as to who had shot who.

The newspapers had reported that the victims were shot by two black men in an effort to drive away colonial rivals.

But after a day of uncertainty, the coroner’s office concluded that James Smith had been shot, not by two whites.

The inquest heard that James had been selling his “black-and-white” goods, a “black liquor” that would become the colonial equivalent of whisky, when a white man approached him, grabbed his pistol and began shooting him.

When the white man was killed, a white policeman walked up to James, pulled his pistol out and opened fire, killing him.

The coroner’s decision shocked the community, and a memorial service was held for the Smiths that same day.

The Smiths’ case has long been associated with the massacre.

The first of several attempts to end the war was in 1870, but a number of anti-slavery measures were adopted during the next decade.

During World War I, British forces launched a campaign to capture Australia’s biggest trading port, the Cape, in an attempt to establish a slave port.

However, many of the British ships that attempted to escape were captured by Australian troops.

In a series of battles in 1915 and 1916, Australian soldiers managed to capture the Cape and seal the port off from Britain, but Britain never officially relinquished control.

Australia’s colonial constitution, however, allowed the country to hold its own colonial elections, which were not held until 1921.

In 1920, Australia gained independence from Britain and was formally recognised as a sovereign nation by the United Nations.

It remained a British colony until the end of World War II, when the United Kingdom formally relinquished it’s colonial rule.

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